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My favorite shoes to wear on Wedding days


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I never thought that I would be blogging about what shoes I wear on wedding days, but you would be surprised how many photographers ask me what shoes I wear and which ones are the most comfortable! Well, let me tell you. I have two favorite pairs of shoes that I wear on Wedding days and I will link them so that you can get yours, too!!!

I decided a long while back that I wanted two things on wedding days: comfort and cuteness. I wanted super comfortable shoes that wouldn’t leave my feet hurting for days on end (because as a Wedding photographer we have ALL experienced this and yes, it sucks beyond measure having blisters the size of a mountain on your feet!) and that would be cute enough to rock all day long. I used to wear boring old black flats until I found my brand new favorites!!

First up, my OTBT wedges. Honestly, when I bought them, I had no intention of ever wearing them on a wedding day. But just one year ago, they happened to be the only sustainable shoes in my car. Usually, I keep 3-4 pairs of shoes in my car, but for some reason I didn’t have any of my shoes that day!! So, I wore my OTBT’s. And much to my surprise, they were the most comfortable shoe ever. I wore them for a 10 hour wedding day and my feet felt great at the end! I have them in 3 colors, which are all going to be linked below as well. My favorites are my Gold OTBT’s, then the black ones, and finally my Pewter ones. Most of the time, I wear the black ones since they match all of my black outfits for wedding days, but sometimes when I’m feeling fancy I use the gold ones! When I’m not wearing all black and more of the neutral tones I wear my Pewter ones! I love them SO much!

Secondly, for wedding days that require a ton of walking on uneven surfaces like rocks and stones (because we all have those venues that kill our feet all day long) I wear my ON brand tennis shoes. I have them in 5 colors, yes, I said 5. I have 4 fun colors, but on Wedding days I wear my all black tennis shoes. Mostly because they look super cute and casual, but they are also SO comfy. I love wearing these with Jumpsuits and long dresses as well.


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