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Self Care: Quite Possibly the Most Important Part of Life


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Hi friends!!

Happy Wednesday! Today on the blog, I want to share something that’s crucial for tackling busy season and super important for your mental, physical, and emotional health.

Two words. Really it’s just one with a Hyphen, but who’s counting- ha!


It took me forever to realize how important it was to take time out of the hustle and care for myself, my body, give myself time to rest and recover, and give me the energy to keep going.

Over the past few years, during busy season, I’ve spent hours and hours in the midst of the hustle and come out of it feeling defeated. Why? I didn’t take care of myself or listen to my body, and I just kept on going.

Last year, I spent majority of my days hustling so hard, that I ended up awake til almost 4:00 every single morning. All of my 4:00 am nights with 5 hours of sleep stopped me in my tracks and I knew that in 2018 I had to change something. I knew that my body wouldn’t be able to handle 5 hours of sleep a day every day for the rest of my life.

I decided to change some things in my schedule. I decided to make my work week look different. And here’s what I did.

Instead of having something every day and going non-stop, which I used to LOVE doing… Now, I spend my weeks a little more relaxed and my schedule magically opens up so I have time to care for myself with things like massages and bubble baths (because who doesn’t love a good bath bomb!)


If I have a lot of office work to do (emails, editing, phone calls, meetings, etc) I put them all on the same day. So, for example, Monday is my office day for the day. I schedule out all my social media posts, I do all of my emails, and I work until I’m done with everything on my “to-do” list.

Then, maybe I have shoots on Tuesday and Thursday, and a Wedding on Saturday. So, those three days I will spend the daytime relaxing or prepping all my gear so that I don’t have to do it right before and stress myself out.

Wednesday would be the day I run all my errands, call it a personal day, if you will, but not a relaxing one- ha!

Then, on Friday, I take the day off to care for myself. I would start off the day with sleeping in, eat some good food, maybe take a nap, maybe get a massage, just do things for myself that I enjoy.

This helps me not feel burnt out at the end of the week, which is the GOAL of self-care. I don’t want my body to hurt when I go go go go go and never stop. I don’t want my clients to feel like I can’t give them my all if I’m tired all of the time. Self-care is SO important friends, don’t get to a point where you are burnt out, tired all the time, and never able to get things done because you are so overwhelmed!!




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