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My word for 2018 is…..!!


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Hi friends!!

Yes, I know it is now February, but I really wanted to share my word for 2018 with you guys! I haven’t really ever been a big blogger, but I knew I wanted this to be a new goal with the site!! I am so excited to share with you that my word for 2018 is….


I know, it’s kind of two words, but I am so excited. Here’s why I chose this word:

Through my business, I haven’t ever been able to fully devote my life, time, and energy to the business as much as I’ve wanted to since I have been in school full time since the start. This year, however, I decided that I am going to go All-In with the business. I have chosen to, in 2018, invest in myself, invest more into my clients, and most importantly invest back into the business.

I have made some incredible changes for MHP, such as purchasing a ticket to the 2018 Creative at Heart conference in November, which I am over the moon excited about!! I have chosen to invest in education to better run my business and better serve my clients! I have chosen to invest in a new website, which I have spent lots of time building over the last few months. I have chosen to invest in myself and give myself business hours that I will actually stick to!! This means no more 2:00 a.m. emails or phone calls (sorry friends, but I have to sleep at some point haha!) I have chosen to give myself one day off a week where I do absolutely nothing for my business, but rather spend time relaxing, playing with #rosiethemgd, taking naps, or just doing something for myself. I’m going to start blogging all of my past sessions, too! And I absolutely can’t wait to share them all with you!!

I am so excited for all of these changes for 2018 and cannot wait to see how incredible the year is going to be!!

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